Monday, November 3, 2008

Sprint Pro-rated ETF Policy Now Official!

Sprint has finally made it official. In my previous post, I blogged about Sprint's plans to finally pro-rate its ETF or early termination fee. A few days ago, Sprint released an announcement containing the details of its new wireless contract policy on pro-rated ETF or early termination fee.

Sprint's announcement contained the details and benefits that are included in its new contract policy on pro-rated ETF. Sprint's new ETF policy is basically designed to give customers who have signed wireless contracts more freedom. By pro-rating its ETF or early termination fee, Sprint is making it easier for customers to make changes or opt out of their wireless c0ntract.

Sprint's old ETF policy charges customers who want to get out of their contracts a flat early termination fee of $200. The carrier's new wireless contract policy allows subscribers to pay a reduced fee based on how long they have remained faithful to their wireless contract.

Starting on November 2 Sprint subscribers with new or renewed contracts will have a $200 ETF for the first six months. Then Sprints ETF will be reduced by by $10 for the succeeding months that the customer stayed with the wireless contract. The old early termination fee will only apply for customers who want to get out of a wireless contract for the fir six months.

Subscribers who stay faithful to Sprint's wireless contract after six months will have the benefit of paying a reduced early termination fee based on the new pro-rated ETF wireless contract policy. The new Sprint pro-rated ETF policy will charge only $100 for customers who have stayed on a contract for 15 months. The pro-rated early termination fee policy allows a fee of as low as $50.

However, this new Sprint ETF policy does not apply for old wireless contracts that were signed before Nov. 2. Subscribers have signed a Sprint Wireless contract will be under the old ETF policy that demands a flat amount. Old wireless contracts will not benefit from the pro-rated early termination fee of Sprint's new wireless contract policy.

Sprint also announced other initiatives and programs designed to improve the customer experience in their announcement for the new pro-rated ETF policy. These new Sprint programs include one-on-one interaction between subscribers and sales representatives and detailed summaries that explains transactions.