Monday, June 22, 2009

AT&T iPhone Data Contract

The iPhone 3G S is currently the hottest mobile phone in the business. Apple just sold more than 1 million of these touchscreen phones in the first few days of launch. However, this phone is not accessible to everyone. Customers who want to get the newest iPhone need to commit to a data contract.

A data plan is usually required for customers who sign a cell phone contract to get a Smartphone. Carriers often require Smartphone buyers to commit to a data plan to ensure that they can get back some of the costs of subsidizing a high-end phone.

Can one get an iPhone without signing a wireless contract for a data plan. There is, but it will cost several hundred dollars. You see the only way to get the iPhone 3G S without a contract is by paying for the whole price. Signing an AT&T iPhone data contract will allow one to pay $199 to get the phone.

Getting stuck to an AT&T iPhone data contract is not as bad as it sounds. After all, a Smartphone without a data plan is not much use at all. The problem is that the contract limits the user to the AT&T network.

The AT&T iPhone data contract plans offer unlimited data for a fee of $129.00.

Some people are saying that AT&T iPhone data contract should be dropped entirely. An analyst also stated that dropping the AT&T iPhone data contract with its expensive data plan, the move could earn Cupertino $7 billion and create a bridge between the iPod and iPhone market.

Apple would be able to break out of the limited Smartphone segment and open the doors to an iPod touch userbase worth $7 billion in income and $4 billion in profit each year by dropping the required $70 per month data plan.

However, in the meantime Apple plans to continue with offering a phone with an AT&T iPhone data contract. I know that it may seem a heavy price to pay but the iPhone is worth it.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alltel Announces New 1 Year Wireless Contract Option

Most people would usually choose 2 year wireless contract over a 1 year contract because a long term contract provides a higher phone subsidy. A phone on a two-year contract is twice as a cheap as a deal that comes with a 1 year agreement.

However, Alltel has come up with a revolutionary 1-year wireless contract offer. Alltel is offering 2-year postpaid handset pricing to those signing 1-year contracts. This means that new and renewing Alltel customers will get the benefits of long term agreements on a shorter commitment.

The company is hoping that this offer will provide enhanced flexibility and greater choice for their customers.

Well. this Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer appears to be quite beneficial for customers because they can get a cheaper deal with a shorter commitment. However, it appears that this offer is limited only to selected markets.

Apparently, this Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer is only offered to customers in the 91 cellular market areas (CMAs) that Verizon is required to divest. These areas will operate under Alltel Wireless until they are sold.

The Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer will only be available in some areas of Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. It's a shame that this Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer is limited only to some areas. Maybe this concept will catch on and the major providers will join in on the act.

Is this the end of the 2-year wireless contract. probably not. the major carriers want to keep as much customers as possible and a two year agreement is a useful tool in achieving this goal. However, the competitive market might give this Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer a chance to bloom.

A carrier might see this as a chance to lure customers into their service. Indeed, a shorter agreement would be a good way to convince customers because they will not be committed to a contract for long. The Alltel 1-year wireless contract offer definitely has potential and appeal.

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