Monday, December 10, 2007

Play Dead to Escape your Wireless Phone Contract

If you've signed up for a wireless phone contract and found it inappropriate for your life style, then you would probably want to get rid of it. However, you might be required to cough up a couple of hundred bucks to pay for a contract termination. A man found a simple solution to become free of his wireless contract contract. He simply staged his own death.

This solution seems logical enough. Wireless phone contracts will release a signer in the event of his or her own death. Apparently this person had experienced a lot of dropped and defective calls over the years. After paying large sums of money he wanted to close his contract without paying more money. He crafted a fake death certificate and asked a friend to fax it to his service provider's customer service. Unfortunately, the plan failed because the company caught on the forgery. The company decide to close his contract after they forced forced him to pay the termination fee.

Frustration and dissatisfaction can often be experience by those who sign long term contracts. they often feel that carriers do not provide top quality services and products. They are also unhappy with the fact that they are hooked to a service that no longer satisfies them and are required to pay a termination if they want to end their service. As a result, weird ideas may form in some subscribers minds.

In the past few years, unhappy contract subscribers have filed increasing about their lon term contracts. There have even been hearing s in congress to address these complains and any possible abuse form wireless service providers. A bill was also proposed to protect consumers from possible abuse from wireless contracts. In response to these hearings and complaints, the wireless companies have started to make changes.

The tight competition between them triggered the development of programs that would provide the best customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is a great attraction for consumers who are bombarded by different wireless product offers.

Wireless companies have also made their contracts flexible and have allowed consumers to change their contract or pay a pro-rated termination fee instead of the fixed fee. A couple of top wireless service providers have also made announcement to open their networks to outside devices. Perhaps if these changes become more come, unsatisfied costumers will no longer come up with crazy ideas to escape their wireless contracts.

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