Friday, February 22, 2008

Ask These Questions Before you Sign a Wireless Contract

Making a decision to signing a wireless contract to avail of the services of a mobile phone is a significant action. You have to consider a lot of factors because signing a contract has serious implications. If you violate the terms of a contract, you will find yourself facing fees, penalties and other potential problems.

Let me give you some questions that will help you choose the right wireless contract that will satisfy your needs.

How much will you pay over the period of the mobile phone contract?

This is an essential question that you need to answer before you sign on the dotted line. If you found out that the amount you will have to pay over the duration of a wireless phone contract is beyond your budget then you need to make a decision. You can decide to sign up for a cheaper contract or make adjustments so that you will be able to afford the contract. I think choosing a more affordable contract is the more sensible choice.

How long will be locked into the contract?

Some wireless contracts last only for a year while others may cover a customers for up to three years. If you are feeling cautious then you should probably get a short term contract. This way you won't have to wait for long before being free from your contract. If you have a faulty device, then you won't be stuck with it for a long period of time.

There are other factors to consider when it comes to the length of a contract. For example, a long term contract will usually have cheaper activation fees and better benefits than short term contracts. They may even offer some features that are not available on contracts that last only for a shorter period of time.

How much will I pay if I want to quit my wireless contract?

After you have committed to a contract, you may encounter some problems that would encourage you to cancel your commitment. Maybe you found out that another carrier is offering a better service. There are other reasons that might compel you to cancel your wireless contract. That is why you have to know the amount that you might be charged if you want to quit your contact.

Some wireless contracts now charge a prorated early termination fee. This means that the fee you will pay for canceling your contract depends on how long you have progressed into your contract term. If you have only a few months left in your contract and you want to cancel it then you will be charged with a lesser fee. There are also some carriers who continue to charged a fixed early termination fee. Signing a contract with an early termination fee is a better option in my opinion.

Will a mobile phone be included in the contract?

I have observed that some mobile phone companies are not inclined to providing a mobile phone handset as part of their contract wireless contract. This means that the conditions of the contract and the service provider will determine if a cell phone will be included.

There are some wireless plans that offers a free mobile phone as part of the deal. However, in some of these offers, the cost of the device is included in the fees and charges over the period of the contract. You have to make sure that a phone is actually really free or if you'll have a discount as part of signing the contract.

There are just some of the questions you have to reflect on before you commit to a wireless contact. Asking questions is always a good idea if you are unsure about a product or you want to get more information. Signing a wireless contract is an important decision so it's always best to make sure that you will get good service for your money.

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