Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Deceived into Signing Unneeded Wireless Contracts

I stumbled upon an interesting wireless contract article as I was surfing the web today.

I found an article that reports on the finding of an investigation into mobile phone contracts or agreements. The investigation discovered that consumers are wasting a lot of money by signing up for wireless contracts they do not need. Another interesting finding derived from the mobile phone contract investigation points that customers are allegedly being hit by hidden charges that make profit for mobile phone networks.

The investigators who made these discoveries were also able to gather claims of shady techniques used by mobile phone salesmen to convince consumers to sign up for wireless contracts. For example, they may persuade parents to switch a child's pay-as-you-go service to a more costly monthly subscription. Senior customers were also targeted by these techniques.

A few of the sales man confided to the investigators that they were paid extra to lure consumers into signing wireless contracts. Here's a statement by a former mobile phone salesman:

"I'd say that that was the number one thing that they were trying to do - get people off pre-pay and get them onto contract almost regardless of their usage. If you could get them on to contract, that was a result for you, your store and the company."

The head of the investigation on wireless contracts expressed that the result requires action. The people in charge also emphasized that actions should be taken to control or manage the mobile phone industry to keep it from making fortunes by deceiving customers.

The mobile phone industry is among the highest when it comes to customer complaints. And complaints about mobile phone contracts are abundant. I have made a few posts on wireless contract disputes and complaints. And I have read a few complaints from customers claiming that they were deceived. This investigation supports consumers who claim they have been deceived into signing up for a contract.

This also made me realize why so many people want to opt out or terminate their mobile phone contracts. If they were deceived into signing them, then I can't blame them for wanting to be released from a contract. Some of these consumers may have realized that their contracts are costing them more so naturally they would want to end the agreement.

Before you sign any agreements, you should first do a bit of research. People should read, articles, advices and tips before committing to a contract. Consumers usually turn to reviews, phone advisors and forums before they purchase handsets and the process should be the same with mobile phone contracts. Doing your home work always pays off.

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Nancy said...

For 2 years I had a contract with Sprint for an UNLIMITED wireless connection card data plan @ 59.99 per month. On June 21, 2009, I upgraded ONLY my phone plan to an unlimited plan. Without MY CONSENT or KNOWLEDGE Sprint changed my UNLIMITED wireless card to a 5 GB CAP resulting in a $800.00 bill. When I asked them to reinstate my plan due to their error they refused and told me it was no longer available. When I asked a sprint rep had I not changed my phone plan would the data card still be unlimited they said yes. They confirm the plan still exists, and refused to reinstate my UNLIMITED wireless plan. It seems highly unjust that Sprint can change my connection card data plan without my CONSENT and KNOWLEDGE. I have discovered hundreds of people who have exorbitant bills due to illegal changes in wireless data card plans from Sprint, Verizon & At&T. I would like to pursue a class action law suit against them. Ready to join me?