Friday, March 20, 2009

No Contract Cell Phone Companies

One of the things I've learned in the course of making this blog is the fact than many people dislike cell phone contracts. Of course, they do not dislike wireless contracts because of the benefits they bring but because of the restrictions and hidden fees that come with this agreements.

However, some are customers also not suited to commit to mobile phone contracts. Limited phone users would benefit more by using pre-paid plans or phones that does not require a contract. there's no sens to being tied up with an agreement if you hardly use your phone. Some users also avoid cell phone contracts because of the credit checks and the infamous ETF or early termination fee.

Some business men have picked up on the potential of no contract services and handsets so they set up companies on this concept. This gave birth to no contract cell phone companies which offer cheap services and mobile phones without any agreement requirement.

I've compiled a list of no contract cell phone companies that might be useful for those who want a service with out signing any agreements. These no contract cell phone companies offer affordable phones and plans without a contract requirement. However, you should not expect high-end devices from these no contract cell phone companies because they focus on affordable handsets for occasional phone users.

If you want to get connected to your friends and family without signing any contracts, then you should check out this list of no contract cell phone companies.
These are some of the no contract cell phone companies that specialize in no commitment phones and cheap prepaid plans. If you're allergic to credit checks or early termination fees, then this no contract cell phone companies may have the best device for your lifestyle.


eclipse said...
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Ruth said...

Just5 is another provider that doesn’t have any contract. I’ve obtained their service three months ago and I’m very happy with it. Their offered calling plans are very practical and affordable. In fact, I can only spend as low as $3.33 a month when I get their cheapest minute plan. Since I use my phone sparingly, its minutes that expire in 90 days and roll over when refilled are perfect for me. This provider is really offering their consumers a great deal!

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