Monday, September 13, 2010

T-Mobile's Early Termination Fee Schedule

T-Mobile has a pro-rated ETF (early termination fee policy) which means that consumers pay depending on the length of time have left on their mobile phone contracts. However, this system can also be confusing since consumers do ot have a fixed penalty for terminating a T-Mobile contract.

So how do you calculate your T-Mobile early termination fee?

The carrier has provided an ETF schedule that allows subscribers to estimate their fees as long as they know their contract start date (which is also listed on their wireless contract):
As listed in these Terms & Conditions, the early termination fee is $200, if termination occurs with more than 180 days remaining on your term; $100, if termination occurs with 91 to 180 days remaining on your term; $50, if termination occurs with 31 to 91 days remaining on your term; and the lesser of $50 or your monthly recurring charges (including any applicable taxes and fees), if termination occurs in the last 30 days of your term.
If you wish to know exact information about the term of contracts and the early termination fee that would apply if you cancel your then you should can call T-Mobile Customer Care.

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