Monday, December 13, 2010

Verizon Wireless Contracts and Relocation

Relocation appears to be a major concern for mobile phone contract customers. And rightfully so since coverage and network strength may vary greatly from one area to another. Fortunately for Verizon Wireless contract consumers, the carrier has devoted a program to deal with this eventuality.

The Verizon Wireless Customer Relocation program caters to customers moving from one area to another. It handles the complications that relates to mobile phone contracts of consumers who decide to relocate to another area.

Relocating Consumers should contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0204 and a representative will help determine what changes need to be made on the account.

But the big question is, will you need to sign a new Verizon Wireless contract when you relocate?
Here is the carrier's answer:
It depends on the plan type. If you are keeping the same plan and promotion in the new market as the old, your contract will not be extended. The contract, however, will be extended if you purchase equipment at our discounting prices, or accept a new promotion.

But what about fees? Well, there are no fees for changing your calling plan or your area of use. However, prorate charges will apply if you change your service.

Check out the Verizon Wireless Customer Relocation program if yu have more questions.

That's it for this post. Tune in next week for more mobile phone contract information and related news.

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