Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reasons for Getting Multiple Wireless Contracts

Should you commit to a second mobile phone contract? How about a third or a fourth? Does signing multiple cell phone contracts make sense?

Well, a study conducted by the folks at Moneysupermarket.com indicates that one in five Brits have more than one mobile phone or contract. The subjects were British but the figures may also apply to the US market with a bit of difference.

So we know that a number of consumers choose to sign multiple wireless contracts. But what are the reasons behind their decision to sign more than one agreement?

Some of the respondents of this wireless contract information study reveal that they want to get the latest or hottest handset in the market. Six percent of those who have admitted to signing multiple deals revealed they had taken out a second contract in a bid to get a brand-new must-have handset. Extremely popular handsets like the iPhone have been known to influence consumers top sign an additional agreement.

Eight percent of those guilty of having more than one contract contend that signing multiple contracts is one of the best ways to get the texts and minutes they wanted for a cheapest price. I take this to mean that another carrier have attracted them to sign a deal because of better rates and offers

One in eight users is the survey revealed they had an additional handset for 'privacy' reasons. I think this means that they have separate devices for business and personal life hence they have multiple wireless contracts.

Some experts say that many consumers feel the need to sign multiple agreements because handsets have evolved into a part of modern life. We use these devices for a variety of reasons and so it has become common for a user to have multiple handsets and contract.

However, it is still advisable for consumers to shop for better deals before resorting to signing a new mobile phone agreement.

That's it for this wireless contract update. Tune in to this blog to get more mobile phone contract related news and information.

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