Monday, October 12, 2009

Renegotiate a Wireless Contract

Consumers who are not happy with their contract usually seek to cancel them. However, this is not simple as there's the issue of the ETF or early termination fee.

There are other ways of dealing with a restrictive and "unfair" contract. One can actually renegotiate with the service provider to come up with a better deal.

I've found a CBSNEWS article that mentions several important points that a user needs to look at when negotiating a contract. No, I'm only going to mention a few so you'll be tempted to read the whole article by yourself.

It's obvious that research is the key when discussing your agreement at the table. You need to know what the competitors are offering their customers. This way you can point out to your service that you are not getting a fair deal.

One also needs to have a clear idea of what one really wants to get while negotiating a plan. The consumer needs to clearly express their desire be it more minutes or lower fees. However, the demands should also be realistic or a deal will not be reached.

Persistence and tenacity is also important when renegotiating your wireless contract. You must be determined not to back down when discussing your realistic demands.

That's it for this post. You should read the rest of the article to learn the proper ways of renegotiating a mobile phone contract.

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