Monday, February 15, 2010

Google Cuts Nexus One ETF!

It appears that the FCC has convinced Google to take a softer stance on the the equipment recovery fee it imposed on the Nexus One.

The FCC has recently expanded its crackdown on excessive and unfair early termination fees or ETF's that was previously focused on Verizon. Google draw the attention of the FCC when it decided to impose a high ETF on the new HTC Nexus One.

The fee has been cut down to $150, down by $200 from the original fee. The original equipment recovery fee for the Nexus One was set at $350.

The company explained its decision to cut the ETF with this statement:
"Google's overall financial philosophy with regard to operator service plans remains unchanged: We make no profit from commissions from operators or from equipment recovery fees, and our recovery fees are based on operator charges to Google for early termination of service,"
However, some consumers still feel that the fee is unnecessary since carriers already charge a termination fee with its service contracts on the Nexus One.

Verizon Wireless also eased back on the devices included in its raised ETF device list.

That's it for this wireless contract post. Tune in to this blog for more news and updates related mobile phone contracts.

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