Monday, January 25, 2010

Verizon Removes 10 Phones from $350 ETF Advanced Devices List

It appears that Verizon Wireless has felt the pressure from consumers, the FCC and other government officials. The carrier has covertly removed ten mobile phones from the list of phones that require its new $350 early termination fee.

The carrier has recently imposed a bold wireless contract policy that required a $350 ETF (early termination fee) for a select group of smartphones and “advanced devices.” Naturally, this action was met by stiff resistance from consumer groups, the FCC and a few senators headed by Amy Klobuchar.

I posted the complete list of "advanced" or multimedia phones several weeks ago. Well, that list has to be updated now that Verizon has chopped off ten devices. The devices taken off the list include the Motorola Krave, Samsung Rogue and five LG devices.

But why did Verizon remove ten devices from its $350 ETF advanced devices list? Well, a Verizon spokesman was unable to answer queries about the change. Some experts say that pressure from the FCC, who criticized Verizon's $350 ETF explanation and from other groups has moved the carrier into removing the devices from the list.

That's it fro this post on Verizon's controversial wireless contract policy. Tune in to this blog form more news and updates on wireless contracts and related topics.

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