Monday, January 11, 2010

FCC Demands Improved Increased ETF Explanation from Verizon

In my last post for this wireless contract blog, I posted about FCC member, Mignon Clyburn's comments on Verizon Wireless explanation for raising the ETF on advanced devices.

Clyburn expressed that Verizon's 77 page statement in defense of its new wireless contract policy is "unsatisfying" and "troubling." This time Federal Communications Commissioner Julius Genachowski has spoken out against the carrier's ETF increase explanation.

The commissioner was clearly unsatisfied with the carrier's explanation. Genachowski said, "I thought that response raised more questions than it answered. The bureau is looking into that... There's a very real level of consumer confusion around these areas"

However, Genachowski declined to say what the FCC's next move to mend this problem.

I guess we'll have to wait and see if the government exerts pressure to turn back the Verizon's ETF from $350 to $175.

Tune in to this wireless contract blog to keep tracks of developments in this story.

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