Thursday, November 19, 2009

List of Advanced Devices with Verizon's $350 ETF

Verizon Wireless' increased early termination fee became effective a few days ago. The $350 ETF applies to a select number of devices and will decline by $10 per month through the life of the contract. The carrier has released the list of advanced products that will be covered by the new policy.

I expected this Verizon Wireless early termination fee to be imposed on elite products. However, the carrier appears to have included a large number of products in its new wireless contract policy. Here are the products included in the increased Verizon Wireless early termination fee.
  • Blackberry 8130
  • Blackberry 8130 Pink
  • Blackberry 8230
  • Blackberry 8703E
  • Blackberry 8830
  • Blackberry 8830 Red
  • BlackBerry Tour
  • BlackBerry Tour (No camera)
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 Pink
  • BlackBerry Storm 9530
  • BlackBerry Storm2 9550
  • Casio Exlim C721
  • LG Versa VX9600
  • LG Dare VX9700
  • LG Env Touch VX11000
  • LG Versa VX9600WOK
  • LG Voyager VX10K Silver
  • Gateway LT20 Netbook Gateway LT2016u
  • Samsung Glyde SCH-U940
  • Samsung Glyde Revision SCH-U940R
  • HP MINI 1000 Netbook
  • HP Mini 110–1046NR Netbook
  • HP Mini 3111037NR Netbook
  • HTC Droid ERIS ADR6200
  • HTC Imagio HTC Imagio XV6975
  • HTC Ozone XV6175
  • HTC Touch Diamond XV6950
  • HTC Touch Pro XV6850
  • HTC Vogue XV6900
  • Motorola Krave MOT ZN4
  • Motorola Q9C
  • Motorola Droid A855
  • Samsung Omnia SCH-I910
  • Samsung Rogue SCH-u960
  • Samsung Saga SCH-I770
  • Samsung SCH-i760
  • UTStarcom SMT5800
  • Palm Treo Pro
  • Palm CENTRO
  • Verizon Hub VZHUB
  • UTStarcom XV6800
  • UTStarcom XV6875
So yeah. They included quite a number of handsets under the new wireless contract policy. Even the devices that were launched more than a year ago.

I have to say that some of these devices shouldn't have been categories under advanced.

That's it for this posts on the products under the new Verizzon ETF rule. Tune in to this blog for more news and updates on wireless contract topics.

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