Thursday, November 5, 2009

Confirmed: Verizon to Raise ETF to $350 on Premiere Devices

A couple of days ago I blogged a rumor claiming that Verizon Wireless might raise its early termination fees for high-end products to dissuade scammers. Well, that rumor has been confirmed.

According to the folks at Phonescoop, Jeffrey Nelson, a Verizon Wireless spokesperson has confirmed the rumor.

This means that the $350 early termination fee will apply to new wireless contracts for advanced devices beginning Nov. 15. The will fee will decline by $10 a month.

The early termination fee for non-premiere devices remains at $175.

However, the devices that will incur a $350 Verizon Wireless early termination fee have not been specified. the new policy will not be limited to mobile phones and will also apply to notebooks.

So what do you think? Well, I don't really mind. After all, this only applies to a limited number of consumers. Those who choose to close the service before the term is up and those who are after the premiere devices.

The strategy aims to prevent people from reselling handsets on online auction sites. I think it's a good strategy on the part of Verizon since it protects their exclusive handsets. I wonder if other carriers will also adopt this wireless contract policy.

That's it for this update on the Verizon Wireless early termination fee increase. Continue to visit this blog to get the latest news and views on wireless contracts.

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