Monday, December 7, 2009

Senators Introduce the Wireless Contract Early Termination Fees Bill

Lat month, I posted about Senator Amy Klobuchar opposing the recent Verizon Wireless ETF increase. She talked about her plan to introduce legislation to oppose this decision and to discourage wireless carriers from unfairly raising penalties on costumers who cancel their contracts early. Well, Klobochar and three of her colleagues have introduced the Cell Phone Early Termination Fees (EFT) bill.

This legislation aims to limit the early termination fees on wireless contracts charged by mobile phone service providers. The Cell Phone Early Termination Fees (EFT) bill would also enforce prorated ETFs

Klobochar's bill also forces carriers to notify customers in a clear way about the fees. Carriers will be required to spell out the EFT instructions at time of purchase and at various times during the duration of contracts.

This new wireless contract bill also prevents cell phone service providers from charging an ETF that is higher than the discount on the cell phone.

Here is Sen. Klobuchar on the introduction of the Cell Phone Early Termination Fees (EFT) bill:
"Changing your wireless provider shouldn't break the bank. "Forcing consumers to pay outrageous fees bearing little to no relation to the cost of their handset devices is anti-consumer and anti-competitive."
The senators who support this wireless contract legislation also include Mark Begich of Alaska, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, and Jim Webb of Virginia.

That's it for this post. We'll see if this bill can p[ass through congress and be enacted into law. Tune in to this blog for more mobile phone contract news and updates.

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