Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wireless Contracts Similar to Forced Marriage

I've read about various complaints on wireless contracts since I've started this blog. Most of the cell phone contract disputes focus on the fees that are imposed on consumers who want to terminate a commitment. I've also found an interesting article expressing that a contract is like forced marriage.

Here's an amusing tidbit from the article. This piece of conversation illustrates a consumer negotiating with a service provider (Vodacom):

"That's longer than a lot of marriages last these days."

"Sorry, two years or nothing."

Apparently it was because Vodacom was "giving" me a "free" phone.

"A friend has given me an old phone, I don't need or want your 'free' phone."

"Sorry, two years or nothing."

The article was written by Ann Crotty from BusinessReport. She was narrating her experience and frustrations while trying to live with a wireless contract. She expresses that it is similar to a forced marriage. However, in some cases the arraigned couple eventually falls in love but she did not grow fond of her wireless contract.

She felt abuse about being charge even in the months that she did not make or receive one call. I'm sure other have felt the same way.

You can read the rest of Crotty's article by clicking this link.

That's it for this story on wireless contracts. Tune in to this blog for more mobile phone contract news and updates.

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