Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FCC Abolishes Home Wireless Roaming Rules

Way back in 2007, the FCC enforced rules regulating wireless roaming. A couple of years ago, the commission did not require carriers to offer roaming services to other carriers in areas where they owned spectrum but had not built out network coverage.

However, smaller carriers have argued the existing practice harms consumers since they need roaming agreements while they build out their networks. The FCC at that time was undecided on the issue. This time the commission has decided to overturn its decision.

This means that Wireless network operators will now be required to offer voice roaming services to other carriers in areas where those carriers own spectrum but have yet to build network coverage. Carriers will now be forced to forge reasonable agreements about voice roaming.

The commission will also consider if the same rule will apply to data roaming.

I have to say that this is a good decision. It helps smaller carriers because they will be able to roam on the networks of bigger wireless companies.

That's it for this post on roaming. Tune in to this blog to read about issues on other wireless contract policies and topics.

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