Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top Non-Contract Smartphones for 2010

I've been talking about wireless contract for years in this blog. Well, I think it's refreshing to talk about handsets that do not require a mobile phone contract. Let's do a quick list of the top unlocked on non-contract smartphones for this year.

One can own these handsets without being restricted by a wireless contract. That's right! No ETF's, credit card checks and hidden fees. The drawback? Paying the full and unsubsidized price.

Without further ado here are the top no contract-smartphones:
  • Google Nexus One: $529.00
  • Nokia N900: $479.00 to $589.99
  • Nokia E72: $339.99 to $469.99
  • Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
If you are looking for a smartphone that's free from the shackles of a service contract, then this quartet should be among your options. The full price for these handsets may seem high but they are worth paying if you want freedom from a wireless contract.

That's it for this post for the best non-contract smartphones in the market. We'll get back to wireless contract matters in my next post.

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