Monday, June 28, 2010

StraightTalk: a No Wireless Contract Service from Wal-Mart

The current trend indicates that consumers are turning to pre-paid and other no-contract services in a n effort to find cost-effective solutions. They are favoring these services over the wireless contract services that offer more benefits but come with a heavier price tag. Wal-Mart was among the few to take advantage of this movement and offer its Straight Talk, a no-contract cell phone service.

The Straight Talk a no-contract wireless phone service is available from 3200 Wal-Mart stores nationwide. This prepaid option offers two options: $30 USD a month for 1000 minutes and 1000 texts or $45 USD for unlimited minutes and texts.

Some of the phones included in the Straight Talk line-up include :

  • Samsung Finesse
  • Samsung R355C
  • Samsung R451C
  • LG 290C
  • LG 100C
This new provider hopes to compete with more established no-wireless contract cell phone services like Boost Mobile and MetroPCS.

Check out this service and other similar offers if you want an alternative to contract cell phones.

Tune in for more mobile phone contract news and updates.

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