Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sprint Free Guarantee for Wireless Contracts

Here's an interesting announcement from Sprint. This was two-months ago dated March 31, 2010. Sorry I missed it so I hope it's too to. Anyway, I think it's good news for consumers as the new "Sprint Free Guarantee" allows subscribers walk away from a wireless within 30 days and not have to pay any sort of fine.

Consumers who terminate the wireless contract within 30 days will money back for the phone. But that's not all. Sprint will also give the activation fee back and refund your entire month’s service including surcharges and taxes. The Now Carrier will also waive associated taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with these charges waived as well as the restocking fee and the infamous early termination fee.

Sheryl Kingstone, Director, Yankee Group comments on the new "Sprint Free Guarantee" wireless contract policy:

"Sprint's new guarantee policy is yet another effort by them to respond to the needs of wireless consumers today. It's giving consumers the transparency they need to best determine whether they are completely satisfied with the services they want from their carrier. Sprint is putting more power in the hands of its customers and helping to create a better experience for them overall."

That's it for this update on Sprint's wireless contract policy. Stay tuned aw we bring you weekly updates, news and opinions on mobile phone contracts.

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