Monday, August 9, 2010

Benefits of Settlement Agreements on Mobile Phone Contract Disputes

Many consumers turn to class action suits in times of disputes over violations of a mobile phone contracts. Many hope to win a settlement agreement with a wirless carrier who has violated terms of a contract. but what are the benefits of seeking a settlement agreement over a wireless contract dispute?

Well, the benefits of wimming a settlement is varied. Monetary compensation is a common reward for a class member and will be awarded o those who have fulfilled the requirements. This usually includes an Approved Claim Form. Of course, you have to be qualified to be included in the complaint.

Another common benefit offered by a settlement agreement is a phone card that provides a few hundred minutes of state-to-state calling.

Keep it mind that you may only receive one benefit per line.

That's it for this quick post on settlement agreements of wireless contracts. Tune in next week for more info, news and updates on wireless contracts.

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