Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sprint's New Customer 30-Day Trial Wireless Contract Policy

Here's a note worthy change instituted by Sprint. The carrier has announced a new wireless contract policy on its 30-day trial period for new customers.

New Sprint customers will benefit from the carrier's new "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-Back" wireless contract policy. What does this new policy entail? Well, new customers who wish to cancel will have all fees returned to them as long as they are in the first 30 days of the wireless contract.

Yes, tha's right. new consumers who wish to cancel before the end of the 30-day trial period will get their money back from device and activation fees, the early termination fee, a full refund for service plan monthly daily charges, all associated taxes, and all Sprint surcharges associated with these charges.

This new "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-Back" policy is more consumer-friendly than the previous one which enforces fees on customers canceling in the first 30 days.

Consumer Lifestyle Advisor Jennifer Jolly comments on the "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money-Back" from Sprint,
"This is a big win for cost conscious consumer . We want this kind of honesty and transparency. We want to know there's no more sticker-shock or bait and switch, that when a company promises us something, their word is good. Can you imagine if we could test drive a bank, health insurance, a credit-card, or any of the other things we spend our hard-earned money on every month - free for 30-days? This is a big step in the right direction for Corporate America and we savvy shoppers are the ones who will benefit the most."
That's it for this post. Tune in next time for more wireless contract news and updates.

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