Monday, March 8, 2010

Verizon Wireless Hit with Class Action Suit Over Data Fees

Verizon has another wireless contract dispute on its hands and it involves the issue of data fees. The major wireless carrier is facing a class action lawsuit from the law firm of Goldman Scarlato & Karon, P.C. in the state of New Jersey.

Verizon is being accused of charging its non-smartphone customers for data service that these customers never used. According to the lawsuit, the carrier has forced consumers to pay for alleged 'accidental' charges that could accrue if a non-smartphone user, that is a user who is not paying for a data plan, accessed the Web or other data services. Verizon Wireless charges non-smartphone users without a data plan $1.99 per megabyte.

The folks at Goldman Scarlato & Karon, P.C. wants to reimburse people and businesses should it turn out that these alleged Verizon charges were improper.

However, Verizon has previously commented on these alleged accidental charges and explained that simply opening the mobile browser on a phone does not incur any charges. The carrier explained that users will only be charged when they navigate away from the Verizon Wireless home page and access other information, applications or services.

Well. let's see how Verizon deals with this wireless contract disputes. Perhaps, the consumers will get lucky as in the recent case where AT&T decided for a settlement.

That's it for this post. Standby for more news and information on wireless contracts.

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