Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Want to Swap Your Phone?

Do you have problems with your cell phone plan? That's certainly understandable since many people feel dissatisfied or too restricted with their wireless phone contract. You can choose to drop your contract by paying a termination that may be prorated depending on the carrier or provider. However, if you don't think that it's practical to pay a couple hundred bucks to be released from your cellphone contract then you should think about swapping your contract.

There are now plenty of online websites that offer this kind of service.The idea behind cellphone contract swapping is simple. Those who want to get rid of their contracts and plans would post them on a website for a small fee. Those who are interested in these plans can then browse over posted offers in the site after a free registration.

Of course, you still have to make sure that the swap is allowed by your carrier before you commit to swap your plan. If you are lucky your carrier may be able to switch you to a cheaper one without a charge. Some carriers are also not opposed to the whole cell phone contract swapping idea. For example, one carrier only require both parties to fill out the paperwork, and an account is in good standing to allow the swap. Some carriers may require the person picking up the account may still have to complete a credit report before the transfer can be completed.

It's not difficult to find people who may be interested to take your plan or swap them with you. Since an take over a contract with maybe five months or four months left on a contract instead of a year or two year plan, people like these deals. It would allow them to get a free phone or may not be force to pay for an activation fee.

Like most quick solutions, cellphone contract swapping can also present some problems for both parties. There are cell phone contracts that prohibits the signer from participating in the swapping process. And even if you are permitted to swap your plan, your carrier may still come after you if the new customer falls behind in his or her payments.

It would be best then to exercise caution and to do plenty of research when engaging in Cellphone contract swapping deals. You have to check all the aspects of the deal before you finalize it. If you go through the process quickly with going through the proper channels or with securing all the bases, then the deal might backfire on you.

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