Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wireless Binding Contract Length and Freebies

Wireless carriers often offer long term contracts to their customers. They are commonly 1 or two years long. Some carriers do not require their customers contracts as needed to get their services. They may offer rebates in the place of contracts to persuade potential customers. The range of rebates for a two year agreement is usually between $30 to $330. If you get a one year contract then you may be able to get greater rebates.

If you sign a contract with some carriers, then you may be able to get some freebies. For instance, AT&T subscribers have the option of a dozen free phones to choose from. Just another promotion technique to draw customers.

If you want to go with Verizon Wireless, then you have to accept the mandatory one year minimum contract. You can also benefit from being able to choose between four free phones and substantial rebate discounts, if you sign a two year contract with Verizon.

You can also sign with Sprint for a two year contract and purchase online and gaining the option of only one free phone. Sprint has very expensive phones so it may not be good for them to offer more.

Wireless carrier, T-Mobile requires customers to sign a two year contract if they want to avail of their “My Faves” packages. Unfortunately, customers cannot benefit from the insignificant differences in the cell phone rebates between one or two year contracts.

You should not go with ALLTEL if you have a thing for free phones. This carrier does not offer any free phones as contract bait. But then again, free phones are technically not really free. Fortunately, this carrier offer three phones with their two year contract that will cost customers only a few bucks due to the discounts and rebates.

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