Friday, November 16, 2007

Some Consumer Contract Complains

I have gather some consumer contract complaints from the Internet. These are complaints on the contracts of various wireless carriers, I will also publish links to these carrier's customer service so that you can contact them if you have similar complaints. I will not mention the carriers names to show that I am not favoring any particular carrier.

Darelen of Brooks Lane, NC complained that her wireless carrier is,
"charging me for service I have cancelled six months ago. I am no longer under contract but they refuse to cancel my cell phone account. I joined under a family plan with my brother and they say he needs to sign me off the account (the bill comes under my name to my address) but refuse to send him the paperwork. He has directly requested this from them twice to my knowledge."

Alina of Secaucus NJ complained that her carrier,

"sent a bill for $746.52 (!) saying that the contract had expired a month ago, and all calls were billed at 60 c/min afterward. They have not notified me in advance that they were going to do that. It is responsibility of (Wireless Carrier) to communicate any changes to the customer clearly and unambiguously. I have never been contacted directly and would have never agreed to any change in rates if I had, much less for a 15-fold hike.

I have tried to resolve it several times with(Wireless Carrier) customer service. I was offered to sign up for another year of service with them and then they promised to clear this charge! I'm seeking to have all calls rebilled at the agreed rate, which should bring the bill down to $49.99 The said they do it to everybody as a matter of business practice. I believe that (Wireless Carrier) wireless tries to coerce customers to use their service and I wish more people knew about it."

Ken Chan complained that,

"On the last day of my contract (March 31), I called to terminate the service. I was told that it can be terminated it as it is the end of the contract. Today I received another bill charging me for the April usage. I called their representative, I was told that I can only terminate at the end of the billing cycle (not the end of the contract), which is from March 28 to April 27. First of all, I don't quite understand that why the billing cycle started two days before the starting date of the contract. If one has to terminate at the end of this billing cycle, then effectively the contract was extended to 1 year and 1 month (that was not the original agreement, which is one year).

I had been looking forward to the termination of the contract, as the cell phone did not work at my office in NYC at all (no coverage). It's essentially a piece of junk. For the past year I have used perhaps less than a hour in total. I have complained about the reception problem many times. What makes it even more absurd is that I can not even terminate after the end of the contract. Is the usual billing cycle set up as a trap? The representative I called refuse to cancel the charge of the additional month's service. This is totally unacceptable and completely unexpected."

From an anonymous consumer,
"My brother passed away suddenly in December. I have been dealing with his estate since. Most creditors have been easy to deal with and have even offered their condolences. (Wireless Carrier) is an exception.

I contacted (Wireless Carrier) to cancel his cell phone service. I spent over forty minutes on the phone. First I went through fifteen minutes of being on hold. Then I spoke with Alex. He was a bit gruff with me and didn't understand why I did not have the account phone number memorized. I told him I called him and he should have the number. I also explained I had not received a bill from (Wireless Carrier) since his passing in mid-December. I had to look his number up on my own cell phone.

Eventually Alex passed me off to another department, staffed by the lovely Marie. Marie would not cancel the account either and when I started explaining how an $80 bill was not worth (Wireless Carrier) time going after my brother's estate in probate court she claimed she could not hear me, repeatedly. I told her it must the the (Wireless Carrier) network quality service. I live in a major city and had full bars.

Marie's claims of hearing impediment led me to ask for her manager. I spoke with Kevin. He eventually asked to call me back on a land line. I told him to call me back on my brother's phone. In the end, all he would do was put the account on "vacation", still charging $5.95 per month. I still do not understand why he would not cancel it since I had all the passwords they wanted. (Wireless Carrier) will not get a payment from the estate unless they pursue it in probate. They will spend more money on the paperwork."

Now that you have read the contract complaints here are the customer service information of major wireless carrier's:

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I hope that this post will be able to help solve your wireless contract complaints and problems.

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