Monday, November 19, 2007

Wireless Carrier Contract Policy Change

Wireless carrier's contracts or terms and conditions do not change very often. However, due to unseen circumstances or changes in the wireless industry, the top wireless carriers have decided to make adjustments on their contracts.

A good example would be the Verizon Wireless policy change that was made on the month of March of last year. The wireless giant became the first cellular carrier to pro rate its termination fees over the life of the contract in the history of the wireless industry.

And a month ago, another wireless industry giant followed Verizon Wireless policy change. AT&T another leading wireless carrier also announced that it will no longer charge customers a flat termination fee if they cancel their service before their contract is up. This new contract policy will be implemented into in early 2008.

AT&T will pro rate the fee depending on how many months the customer has left on their contract. The company has also made the decision not to require customers to renew contracts when making changes to their wireless service plans.

The wireless sales and marketing division of AT&T explained that the policy change was done to accommodate the demand of consumers. They have acknowledge that wireless consumers dislike one-size-fits-all approaches and thus they have made changes to remedy the problem.

Wireless customers have long been complaining about contract termination fees and upgrade fees. They have to pay anywhere from $175 to $250 to cancel a contract before its expiration date which is obviously a burden to those who have tight budgets.

They view as measures designed to retain customers and prevent them from seeking better deals elsewhere. Industry representatives expressed that fees are necessary to subsidize the costs of handsets.

Hopefully, the contract policy change made by AT&T will encourage similar adjustments from other wireless carriers. Perhaps they will also consider the difficulties posed by ontract termination fees and upgrade fees to their loyal customers.

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